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The ARTventure Group is an international club of creative people, who wish to show, perhaps sell, their work ~ but also, in these times of change, encourage others to be creative ~ in whatever way they choose.

In a world of hectic pace, the world-wide web and immediate gratification, taking the time to play a musical instrument, trying creative writing, pottery, sculpture, embroidery or sewing, painting a picture or just singing your heart out has become something of a poor cousin. In many countries creative subjects have no place in the school curriculum. Being creative is good for the soul.

If the work shown on this site can motivate you to pick up an old hobby, start a new one and make time in your life for creativity then we will have achieved our aim.  The annual membership fee is 25.00 Euros, or its equivalent in £'s or other currencies.  Fill out the application form, pay your fee and you can up-load as much of your work as you wish onto the website. Visiting cards are available on request, free-of-charge. 

If you click on the "Arts & Crafts" button you will also find informative tutorial videos.